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  • A Beautiful Season

Alexandra's Speaking Topics: 

The Meaning of Motherhood: Discovering Joy and Purpose Through Christ in the Everyday Moments of Mom Life

Motherhood presents turbulent waters to navigate in terms of discipleship, godly discipline, and staying in tune and in touch with the Lord each day. There is a lot on our plates! How do we practically navigate it all? Alexandra presents insightful information that is Bible based in terms of discipling children, and how to continue to grow in your faith as a mother and child of God.


Women of the Word

Alexandra explains how to grow and cultivate one's faith. She explains how to study the Bible and gives daily quiet time ideas and journaling questions. She is a bank of practical resources, and offers creative ways to get into God's Word with limited time. It's okay to eat Chick Fil A every now and then, but something magical and mysterious happens when we open ourselves up to the Holy Spirit by offering and enjoying God's presence in reading His Word without constraints. When we set aside our to-do lists and lean into what God to say, we connect with his heart. In this way our love for him grows. When we offer God our presence in full, he blesses us with the power of the Holy Spirit's intercession.

A Beautiful Season

Singleness can be a beautiful season when we view it with the right perspective. Alexandra is now married, but offers valuable Bible based insight on walking through the season of singleness with one's head held high. Based on her book, A Beautiful Season: Finding Your Identity in Christ After a Dating Relationship Ends, Alexandra encourages listeners to grow in their faith and cultivate friendships through what can be a precious, beautiful season.

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