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A Place of Grace for Moms of Littles

Now Available for Pre-Order!

Being a mom of little ones is hard work. It demands all of you physically, mentally, and emotionally. I wrote the book to encourage myself and other mothers in Christ. I needed a place of grace and found the solace of God's presence through God's Word and prayer while writing this book.

A Place of Grace urges and encourages moms of littles to rise above the daily demands and to live a life of grace, seeking Jesus first, and infusing the hearts and minds of their children with Christ through godly discipline, discipleship, and prayer. There is grace when we fall short in these ways. There will be days when we run out of time to read God's Word. There will be days when we fail to extend grace to our children. But as my cross country coach used to say, regarding practicing outside of school, "Motivated people find ways." In seeking the Lord and living for Jesus, I truly believe that motivated Mamas find ways.

Let us band together living sanctified lives, set free from condemnation. Let us strive to seek Jesus through God's Word and daily prayer. Let us encourage and build up our children in the Lord. There is grace when we fall short. But because of our love for Jesus, let us strive to live chosen lives found in Christ's presence, each day.

The work of a mother is holy. It is hard. There is little recognition attached. But it is so incredibly worth it when the Lord is the strength of our souls, our source of joy and everlasting hope.

A Place of Grace for Moms of Littles is now available for Pre-Order in Hardcover, Paperback, and Kindle format. If you wish to read the Intro+1st Chapter before pre-ordering (or after) please respond to this email, and I will gladly send it your way! :) The official release date of publication is May 28th.

Pre-Order Links:

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