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A+ Life 

By Alexandra Jensen

What Others are Saying!

Reviewed By Robert A. Groves for Readers’ Favorite

The A+ Life: Encouraging Teachers in Christ by Alexandra Jensen is a heartfelt Christian based guide for educators. Using a challenge-filled school year as her book framework, Jensen touches on both the mountains and valleys of teaching elementary aged children. Many of the children come from difficult home lives, requiring a woman filled with God’s love to reach them. Jensen includes prayers for teachers, scripture quotations, positive statements of affirmation, and self-help exercises to help educators reach their full potential in the classroom. Most impressive was her fortitude. When Christmas break arrived in the school year and Jensen struggled with her ability to continue the remainder of the year, I could hear and envision the personal conversations she must have had with God. In addition, Jensen provides guidelines on how to separate one’s professional responsibilities from their family responsibilities. I found the story to be a perfect example of how to balance one’s work/life cycle.

Alexandra Jensen’s The A+ Life: Encouraging Teachers in Christ would be the perfect graduation gift for the brand new educator. While the book is written from a woman’s perspective for other women, there is something every educator could take away from reading Jensen’s story. The life lessons contained within these pages, while educator focused, are those we all could benefit from embracing, regardless of career choice. I appreciate the vulnerability Jensen displayed to bring us this guide. The seeds she plants not only for her students' academic successes, but their life successes too, are truly inspirational to read. None of us escape this planet without experiencing a teacher’s touch in our lives. Mrs. Jensen’s students are fortunate children indeed to experience her positive God-fearing fingerprint molded with love. Without hesitation, I recommend this book. 

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