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They Know

You will keep in perfect peace

    those whose minds are steadfast,

    because they trust in you. Isaiah 26:3

I still don’t know her name, but her daughter’s name is “Emmie,” similar to my “Emma.” She was rabidly hitting the keys of her cell phone, so I expected little to no interaction out of her. I actually began to pull out my own cell phone when she spoke her first words, “You know, they know when you’re on your cell phone.”

Her words struck a sucker-punch blow that made my heart stop in its tracks. I immediately tucked away my cell phone. The mom sitting on the bench next to me at the indoor play place then began to explain her profession as a former social worker, and confessed she was ordering a meal for a friend who had just had a baby. Either way, her words, “You know they know…” haunt me to this day.

They know when you’re on your cell phone. They know when you’ve lost your cool. They know when you have drawn Living Water from the source of God’s Word. They know when you’re stressed out, running on fumes, or living from the abundance of God’s peace. They know.

They might not know these facts verbatim, but they can feel your highs and lows. They feel your tension. They experience your joy. They feel your presence, or lack thereof. They certainly know.

So rely on the source of God’s great love to fill you to the brim. Let God’s love slosh out of your heart and ooze down the sides of your life- in the messiest, most beautiful way. Open up your heart, invite Jesus’ presence in, and enable your children to experience God’s Love, Christ’s light, and the goodness of a Heavenly Father.

Dear Jesus, 

Thank you for your love that finds me in the dark, and fills up my life with light. Help me to rely on your presence, your grace, and your love, and not myself. I want to live from your Truth. Fill my heart in full. In Jesus’ radiant name, amen.

Steps of Faith:

  • Stay connected to the source of God’s Love through God’s Word. 

  • Pray for the Lord to straighten out your heart’s priorities. Ask for him to rearrange your life so that God is first, next to your husband, followed by your children. 

  • Fight against your flesh tendencies to turn to things that are robbers of joy in your life.

  • Seek God’s forgiveness and redeeming love to pull you out of pits dug by the enemy. 

  • Welcome God’s grace to lavishly adorn your life.

Live from the source of God’s great love. Because God knows. He knows you fully and loves every piece of your heart. His roots of care and compassion for you run deep. He cherishes every morsel of your soul, for you are his creation, his daughter. Let his love find you, and fill your life with eternal peace, everlasting joy, and unwavering hope.

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